One of the most fascinating aspects of simulation games is that you raise a virtual electronic pet or avatar by taking care of it through daily care and nurturing. While doing this, you affect their health and their emotions at all times. In reality though, many of us are not able to communicate with the ones we care about because we are so busy with our daily schedules.
BETWINE brings the positive energy of simulation game play experience to the real world. In the virtual world of BETWINE, you can download avatars of your boyfriend/girlfriend, your parents, and anyone else you care about to your mobile phone where you can be close to them at all times without any limitation of time and space.

BETWINE Universe
No matter how far the distance, you will be able to live with the most important people in your life in BETWINE’s digital world.

Poke will cause friend’s Betwine wearable device to vibrate even if they are thousand of miles away, to remind them to quit sitting and be active.

Step Competition
In the BETWINE Universe, you can add friends into the Close Friends list, cultivate good habits by doing fitness everyday through the Step Competition game.

The avatars of you and your close friends will appear in the same screen once the step gap of both you and any member of your friend network is less than 100 steps.

Energy Level
There is an energy level bar for every avatar that will decrease as your sedentary activity increases, Our system automatically fuels up your energy level bar when it detects sufficient movement.

BETWINE is not only a health management system that prevents chronic diseases, but more as a virtual community for users to communicate with their loved ones and show care for their friends, lovers and family members. BETWINE enables people to achieve changes in their health through caring and encouraging each other without the barrier of distance.